PhoenixNAP Datacenter & Network

MonsterMegs operates from multiple Datacenters throughout the United States and Europe. Every Data-Center is a state of the art facility with redundant fiber-optic network connectivity, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) battery systems, on-site generator backup power, advanced smoke detection, waterless fire suppression systems and utilize biometric secured entry access points with 24/7 video surveillance.

DataCenter Design

PhoenixNAP in Phoenix Arizona is a next generation data center and network access point located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. It features backup systems that include redundant generators in an N+1 configuration and 99% efficient PureWaveâ„¢ UPS units. The central cooling plants are among the most redundant the manufacturer has ever designed, and the cooling system is capable of moving 1.6 million cubic feet of air per minute through the entire 160,000 sq. ft. data center building.

Additionally, security systems that include 24/7 on-site guards, encrypted badges, PIN entry pads, iris and vascular scanners are present.

Advanced Features

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  • Redundant utility power feeds
  • Multiple redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units
  • Multiple redundant Cummins backup generators
  • Incoming voltage conditioning
  • 80-ton CRAH (computer room air handler) units arranged in an N+4 configuration
  • Multiple redundant chilled water plants
  • Electrical, mechanical and security monitoring
  • Fireproof, anti-static, 36 inch-raised floor
  • Cement facade, poured concrete with under-the-floor water detection system
  • VESDA and pre-action dry-pipe fire safety systems
  • Watt densities of 200 watts per sq. ft. or more
  • Redundant, diverse, organized ladder rack wiring
  • Securely locking cabinets
  • 24x7x365 trained guard on-site in bullet-resistant monitoring room
  • Biometric & card access required for entry
  • Closed-circuit digital camera
  • 10 points of security between front door and server including iris scan, pin code, key card
  • 16 points of security between front door and networking equipment including iris scan, vascular scan, pin code, key card
  • 24/7 security system monitoring (on- and off-site)
  • Cisco-certified technical support on duty at all times
  • Computerized maintenance management system documents, logs and tracks all facility maintenance and inventory
  • Full roof rights
  • Non-leased facility

PhoenixNAP Network

The PhoenixNAP network is engineered to provide the utmost in reliability and speed. The pure Cisco backbone is directly connected via redundant dedicated ten-gigabit uplinks to our Tier 1 providers, and managed by certified on-site technicians in our network operation center (NOC) to ensure maximum uptime. We also under utilize our network to keep it nimble during any potential Internet routing issues. Even during peak hours, we never use more than 50% of our capacity. And if one network provider goes offline, your traffic is automatically routed to another available provider during the outage so your online presence remains undisturbed.

The functional agility of our network is matched in operational effectiveness by its speed. Whether your needs call for offer a single 1 Mbps connection or several 10 Gbps connections, the PhoenixNAP network delivers persistent speeds for all of your traffic and associated applications.