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Our world class carrier blend provides up to 1.5+ Tbps capacity and is built on the dependable backbone of Brocade Network’s next generation carrier gear. Fully redundant and multi-homed, our tier 1 carrier blend gives MonsterMegs clients a spectrum of choice.

Our network was designed for performance and resiliency – to thrive under pressure. Low latency, high speed connections, short paths and optimal availability are words to best describe our promises to you.

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The MonsterMegs Network is engineered to provide the utmost in reliability and speed

MonsterMegs DDoS Protect™

As DDoS attacks continue to be on the rise, so do financial and brand risks for online businesses. If your business is dependent on the Internet for connecting with your users and customers, it is important to understand how much protection you need, to fully minimize all your risks.

Though most service providers offer varying degrees of attack protection, phoenixNAP provides bundled DDoS mitigation as a FREE, valued added service with each of our bare metal server plans, as well as our Colocation, Managed Private Cloud and Virtual Private Data Center service offerings.

DDoS Protect™ Includes

  • 20 Gbps of DDoS protection
  • Protection against UDP, TCP and ICMP based attacks
  • Entire server protection

DDoS Protection without the extra cost

Our DDoS mitigation service comes standard with all bare metal servers. PhoenixNAP Protect™ provides protection against the majority of small and medium sized attacks, and we protect your entire server, not just single IPs. Our automated rule sets, combined with our highly skilled engineering staff and technical support teams, work in concert to deliver a worry-free hosting experience.

We keep your services online during attacks and save you the high added cost of some other providers.

We offer protection against a variety of DDoS Attacks


  • UDP Flood
  • Fragmentation
  • DNS Flood
  • VoIP Flood
  • Media Data Flood
  • Non-Spoofed UDP Flood


  • SYN Flood
  • SYN-ACK Flood
  • ACK & PUSH ACK Flood
  • Fragmented ACK
  • RST or FIN Flood
  • Synonymous Flood
  • Fake Session
  • Session Attack
  • Misused Application


  • ICMP Flood
  • Fragmentation
  • Ping Flood
  • Fragmented ACK
  • RST or FIN Flood
  • Synonymous Flood
  • Fake Session
  • Session Attack
  • Misused Application

Premium Blend of Carriers

We partner with Tier I Carriers to provide you with premium IP transit bandwidth. All bare metal dedicated servers utilize our BGP enabled network for the best path routing. By providing diverse, redundant path availability, your data constantly flows, your connections remain concrete and your response times are improved, to avoid latency.

What can you expect from the MonsterMegs Network

  • 550Gbps+ capacity
  • Global Reach
  • Tier I Provider Network
  • Fully Redundant
  • DDoS Protected
  • Low Latency
  • SLA Backed 100% uptime
  • Monitored by 24/7/365 Global Staff